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Working in customer service at a hotel sucks ass; working at the most haunted hotel in Chicago takes otherworldly patience.

Straight-laced customer service manager, Clark, and his recent hire, Bevy, do their best to navigate the endless landscape of ridiculous customer complaints, shitty coworkers, and eccentric ghosts. 

Sometimes they wish those guns from Ghostbusters were real. That way they wouldn’t have to rely on their bag of tricks, negotiation skills, and begging, in order to rid the hotel of an endless stream of ghosts who bother the glorious midwestern trash that is their clientele.






Clark and Bevy interview several people for a customer service job. They finally find Phylicia, a sweet-as-pie gal who seems up to the task. While Bevy takes her on a tour of the hotel, Clark must work together with his nemesis, Geri, to win the business of a douche-bag motivational speaker looking for a venue for his tour. 



We flashback to the past to see Bevy and Kirsty travel around Chicago looking for a good place to have his birthday dinner. We also see Bevy’s previous job as an airboat operator at his Dad’s swamp in the everglades. Bevy and Kirsty end up eating at Ghost Hotel, and Kirsty dies from eating bad shrimp tartare. 



The boys find out that the Director of Operations died, setting off a competition between Clark and Geri. Geri threatens to dig up dirt on Clark online. Bevy deals with a huge wedding in the main ballroom while he and Kirsty argue about him “eye-fucking” a bridesmaid. It all culminates in true farcical fashion, ruining the Bellwoodington wedding. 



The owner of Ghost Hotel, Madeline VonStilts, arrives and tells the staff that the manager with the most positive customer reviews by the end of the week will accompany her in the limousine to the corporate retreat. Bevy and Kirsty are arguing again, this time she was flirting with a dead bellhop. The ghosts are particularly rowdy this week, making it difficult for Clark to get the upper hand against Geri. 



Clark and Geri road trip to the cabin for the corporate retreat. Once there, they must team up against Magan, a bubbly but aggressive lass from New Zealand, to get Madeline’s attention while also dealing with an annoying hotel ghost that has tagged along. Bevy gets bored at the front desk and goes on an adventure with the janitor and uniform rep to “find cool ghosts and shit,” but gets in over his head when they find a portal to hell in the basement. 



Clark finds out that he is getting the promotion, then he abruptly dies in an elevator accident. They discover that due to “ghost rights” he is still allowed to take the job, even though he’s dead. After escaping the portal to hell, Bevy has a moment of clarity, and proposes to Kirsty on top of The Drake, accompanied by Ghost Clark. 




Clark struggles to be promoted over a fellow coworker, Geri. Despite Geri’s hostility, Clark manages to make waves at the leadership retreat. Bevy navigates his relationship with the recently deceased Kirsty. Unruly ghosts threaten Ghost Hotel's business. Clark gets chopped in half by an elevator and convinces the GM, Brench, to let him keep his job.



Clark adjusts to life as a ghost, and after breaking up with Catherine starts dating Ghost Magen who was transferred to the Chicago location. Bevy and Kirsty are consumed with planning their inter-supernatural wedding, while Bevy and Clark fight to keep Ghost Hotel from going out of business. 



Clark and Bevy buy Ghost Hotel and discover a stairwell to catacombs and a secret underside of Chicago steeped in spooky history. A work trip to Ireland unites Bevy with Kirsty’s family. Clark and Bevy work to rebrand Ghost Hotel's image. Clark goes to ghost court.

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