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a half-hour comedy series


Ghost Hotel is a workplace buddy comedy set in a haunted hotel in Chicago where the ghost are commonplace and the guests are psychotic. It's a hilarious, half scripted, half improvised horror/comedy pilot.

Straight-laced Guest Relations Manager, Clark, and his oddball employee, Bevy, team up to navigate asshole customers, shitty workplace rivals, service industry boredom, and outlandish ghosts with unfinished business. Will Clark achieve his dream of becoming the GM of a Hilton property? Will Bevy's relationship hold up now that his girlfriend is a ghost? Will the hotel fail due to terrible management and general spookiness? You'll have to watch to find out....

Where can I watch?

The pilot has been completed and we're currently submitting it to many festivals throughout the US and abroad. Check out our trailer above, and stay tuned for the online release. 

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